eCommerce has become the latest buzz of the town. eCommerce generates almost a million dollars and thus it is going to be the next big thing in the upcoming years. According to US Census Bureau, the sales generated by eCommerce in the United States amounts to $105.7 billion. The success of eCommerce is not limited to posting a wide assortment of products from different categories and types on the website. It is different and more complicated in comparison to blogs or other traditional websites.

In order to stand out in the eCommerce business, it is essential to rank in the prominent pages of search engine and attract potential audience towards the website. However, there are certain challenges related to that can disrupt the success of eCommerce:

Weak or no product descriptions

It goes without saying that eCommerce websites have a wide array of products. The presence of short descriptions provides very little content to the search engine to work with. Automated descriptions of products where only a few specific words are swapped into a single template results in the creation of duplicate content issues. Hence, it is a prerequisite to creating unique content for each product in order to beat the competition.

Lack of informational content and concentrating too much on transactional keywords

Ranking for the money keywords is a real challenge. Focusing too heavily on them is not going to do any wonders for your eCommerce business. Hence, it is recommended to shift your focus towards more informational keywords. As you rank in the prominent pages of search engine for the lesser competitive keywords, you will be capable of building a stronger reputation. Ranking for those lesser competitive phrases will be the best option in order to improve the overall reputation of the website with the search engines.

The absence of product reviews

Most of the eCommerce websites, at present, contribute to being structure, having the product review and grading system of its own which provides a boost to the SEO. Online users depend on the opinions of others heavily and thus they go through the product reviews prior to buying a product. Thus, reviews happen to be an indispensable part of SEO strategies for eCommerce websites. Hence, it is recommended to update the website with the product reviews from genuine customers. You can consider integrating an amazing review app with the eCommerce site in which buyers can place the reviews of the products, they have purchased.

Image ALT Tags

Search engines are not able to view images and it is essential to update the proper description which tells what the image is all about. If the alt tags are not updated in the prerequisite manner, the pages are not going to be indexed and thus ranking the keywords in the search engine is challenging. Hence, it is essential to update the website with the image ALT tags, the right keywords phrases and other details that will be helpful to the search engine in understanding what the image is all about.

Titles which are not unique

Title tags that look similar can be treated as duplicate content by the search engine. This may affect the ranking of the website in a negative manner. Hence, it is recommended to update a unique title for every product.

Maintaining a successful eCommerce website is considered to be a great option in order to earn money online. The success of the eCommerce website is dependent on how perfectly your website is structured and how easily the online users can navigate through the same. Resolve the above-mentioned issues in order to rank higher in the prominent pages of search engine.


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