Top 5 Best Free Antivirus Software For Windows 10 & 8: An efficient antivirus software plays a big part in retaining overall performance of a computer. It fights against malware, and makes sure that the system performs adequately for a longer period of time. These days, phishing and malware attacks are increasing day by day, and an efficient Antivirus program is becoming extremely essential for every individual. Therefore, if you’re looking to download an best free Antivirus program for Windows 8 or 8.1, check out our list of 5 best free antivirus softwares of 2015.

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Top 5 Best Free Antivirus Softwares For Windows 8, 8.1

1. Norton Security

If we talk about desktop security, Norton antivirus offers a rich set of tools to ensure full protection from malwares and viruses. Designed to deliver proficient results, Norton security offers an improved package to detect and terminate viruses. It’s one of the best Antivirus programs till date, and features a simple and easy to use interface to run quick, full-computer, and root-kit scans.Download trail pack.

2. Bitdefender Total Security 2015

After Norton Security, Bitdefender Total Security also offers a rich collection of tools to detect and terminate viruses. It’s one of the best anti-virus programs for desktop PC, and backs up designated files and folders for maximum safety. The UI of Bitdefender is easy to understand, and it offers a number of features to deliver perfect results on laptops and PC’s.Download trail pack.

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3. AVG Free Antivirus

AVG Antivirus also offers an effective way to deal with unwanted viruses and malware. Featuring a perfect combo of quality and efficiency, AVG antivirus offers a number of features like email scanner, identity theft protection, LinkScanner, and a lot more. It’s a renowned antivirus program, and has been preferred by a large number of users due to small interface design, and interactive features. No doubt, this program can easily rejuvenate your Windows 8 PC.Download trail pack.

4. Kaspersky Security

Just like AVG antivirus, Kaspersky security also plays a big part in ensuring full protection against viruses. The software has been protecting windows operating systems since a long time, and packs a number of features like password management, sync, full back-up and encryption of data. It’s an excellent antivirus program for Windows 8 users.Download Trail Pack.

5. Avast Antivirus

Along with Kaspersky, Avast Antivirus software also plays a big role in dealing with malwares and viruses. It’s one of the best antivirus programs, performs efficiently for home and business users without obtrusive adware. A large number of people prefer this software as it offers an easy to understand interface to use most required features in a blink.Download Trail Pack.


These were some of the best free Antivirus programs for Windows 8 and 8.1. No matter, which app you’re running or which laptop you’re using, effective antivirus protection always proves fruitful in bringing great results. All you have to do is select an antivirus software, and install it on your computer. An efficient program will perform all tasks efficiently, and will make sure that nothing goes wrong under any circumstances! Your precious data will definitely remain unharmed and safe all the time.


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