All Social Networking sites allows users to create their own profile and thereafter,get in touch with old friends and acquaintances,find people with common interests.There are other features like commenting,chatting and private messaging.There are several types of social networking sites,some created for mutual benefit and for a particular work like discussion forum on topics.Social networking sites and your blog must have a good coordination.For example: if you write an article about new mobile phone and sharing it in social sites not only helps in creating a backlink to your article on blog but also helps in getting initial traffic.I have Provided the best possible social networking sites or social bookmarking sites below..


Top 10 Social Networking Sites To Boost SEO


Twitter is by far the most widely used among all social networking sites,next only to Facebook and is rapidly gained gaining more popularity due to ease of its use and far reach on net.Promoting your blog on Twitter is the easiest thing to do thanks to twitter feed.This allows you to integrate your blog feeds with twitter,so that your latest post is automatically tweeted.So create a twitter account and gain followers by showing it on your blog and increase traffic.


StumbleUpon is a powerful social media for newbies in blogging.You can get maximum traffic from stumbleupon if you are a upcoming blogger.Its feature allows to see other web pages,videos,photos and more published according to their interests.Usually google algorithm changes often hence you
might loose your traffic but by sharing posts in stumbleupon keeps your traffic frequency constant.



This is another popular social media which is ranked 3rd in the world.YouTube is a video sharing site where in you can upload,share and view videos.YouTube is ranked best for usage around the globe.Though it is not a typical social networking site it allows users to view,like,dislike and comment on videos.I believe YouTube is best SEO booster as videos increase the traffic to your site and there is a constant flow of traffic unlike other social sites.



Facebook is probably the most popular social networking site today that helps you connect and share with people in your life.Facebook allows you to integrate with your page so you can get our latest content to feature on facebook each time you update your blog.Facebook can drive more traffic to your blog if have a proper blog page or group.Facebook is a great place to showcase your talent and your true identity to the people that you network with.



Google plus is another social media powered and designed by google.Blogger allows to share posts automatically in google plus.Increase your google plus circles by sharing posts and adding button on blog.Main advantage using this is every gmail account has google plus so you can increase popularity.You can also have your verified and linked Google plus page for your Website.



LinkedIn is the most popular social media for business and Entrepreneurs.Its a place to interact with business people and even promote your blog.But this is very useful if you have a established blog so it boosts your traffic and blog.

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Reddit is another networking site which is rated high by bloggers.To promote your blog it is one best platform so create an account popularize your blog.Reddit allows you share your content in form of links or text.You can also check rank of your content or interest of people towards your article in a category called ‘Subreddits’.



Pinterest is a unique and interesting social networking site.There is a pinboard where you can pin your articles in the form of thumbnails.You can create, manage and share image collections that are related to a particular topic – hobbies, interests, household, etc.Pinterest is useful when you have more number of followers.



Tumblr is a good social media platform and micro blogging site.You can share images,Gifs,videos,links,quotes and much more.This site is very useful for SEO as it can give you a backlink which is of high PR and authority.Additionally you can also share your blog posts old or new on dashboard.You also get to know about other news and trending topics around the globe.So I recommend all bloggers must have a Tumblr account.



Digg is one such website which mainly shows interest on trending and viral news on Internet.Digg has features which match with Reddit like submission of articles and up-voting them.And now the new Digg Reader is a simple, powerful and speedy way to follow your favorite sources and publishers.For bloggers,you can create an account and add Rss-feed of your site and link your posts with Digg.


There are other social networking sites that may help your cause but above mentioned are rated high.Social Networking sites are important in way because Google algorithms like Penguin,Panda and Humming Bird may hurt your blogs traffic so improve your social media status.Stay Tuned in


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