This is the most common question asked by people who blog and even surf on net ‘what is seo and how is seo done to rank in Google ? I answered  above questions and mentioned top 10 basic seo tips one must employ.

What Is SEO?

Most of you know SEO stands for search engine optimization.Elaborating this when you post content on a blog/website members of the website or people who know about your blog will immediately come to know of it.However,rest of world does not get across it.The only way is through search engines (google,Yahoo,Bing) which optimize your content and rate it.

How Does It Work

All search engines use some metrics to analyse the content and rank them,and they have formula or an algorithm to rank the pages.Search engines use web crawlers to update their database as to keywords used,topics,links and engines update regularly and deliver pages in accordance with their rankings.


10 Basic Tips For SEO

1:Domain Name

A good domain name is the starting point to all things to come.A website domain name is top level domain like http;//,in case of a blog you get second level domain domain name plays important role in where your blog is ranked in the search engines.


Keywords are target words of your content which should appear in text and even in post title.They play an important role in search engine optimization(seo) and increase your blog use them intelligently from Google keyword planner.

3:Social Media

Search engines also look for good social media like twitter, Reddit,StumbleUpon,Facebook and traffic you get from them before optimization.Hence be active and share articles in social media.Top Social Networking sites to promote Blog


There are two types of links that affect SEO namely forward links and back links.Back links are links to your blog from other blogs or sources.Back links to your page indicate that your content is validated as good.Build as many back links as possible to improve SEO.

5:Alt Tags For Images

You must know that search engines are not good at handling images,add a title for image with keywords.These are called as alt tags and alt text which defines and describes the images and can be easily crawled.

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6:Quality Content

Every blogger should know that ultimately what is important is content which defines you in blogging world.Content is king as they say should make visitor comfortable and make him spend time on your content.See Also:5 tips to write a great a blog post.

7:Update Regularly

Google and other search engines decide the frequency of updating your website in their search index based on the frequency of fresh and unique content being added to blog or website.Therefore follow a time pattern like one post in 3 days or weekends.So post content regularly to get them indexed faster.

8:Meta Description

This is another tag used to describe in brief what your page or post is about.Description to a blog and post is important SEO tool as this is what you see in search results.Therefore ensure that first few lines describe the content and use maximum keywords.

9:Responsive Template

Responsive theme or template is another SEO factor which is very much important.Blogger default templates are not search engine optimized hence add a simple,attracting responsive template.Eg:Elice blogger template and ATB template,which I am using.

10:Avoid Duplicate Content

Do not copy content from other popular sites because search engines recognize this and drop your post.This may also have an effect on entire blog and removal of adsense.




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