Protecting your family and property is at the very top of your priority list. This is why getting the right padlock for your needs is so important. A high security padlock can be the one thing standing between a burglar and your property. You don’t want to be caught flat-footed. Here are some features you should look out for when shopping for the best high security padlock.

1.      Shackle

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Shimming is one of the most popular ways to bypass a padlock. Any padlock without ball bearings makes it possible for the shackle to be shimmed by would be burglars. You shouldn’t consider any padlock without ball bearings a high security option. Also, find out how the shackle releases. Ideally, you want one that releases on both ends instead of one that only releases on one end and swivels on the other. One that releases on both ends would require cutting on both ends which buys time. Burglars generally try to avoid situations where they’ll be held up too long trying to break in.

2.      Shroud

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Also referred to as the shackle cover, the shroud is any metal that covers the shackle. It adds an extra layer of protection so a burglar would need to cut through or remove it to open the lock. As a rule, the more inaccessible the shackle is the more secure a padlock is. The shroud is a great way to achieve this.

3.      Core

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The part where you insert the key in a padlock is referred to as the core. A high security padlock should have pick protection at the core. Find out what types of pins the padlock comes with. There are 3 types of pins – standard, security, or hardened steel. You will want to go with the security pins. Find how many pins there are. But remember that not all padlocks are pin tumblers. It could be a disk detainer lock or another type of lock. If the padlock comes with a removable core, then it is possible to customize or replace it.

4.      Anti-Drill Plate

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This is an additional security measure that prevents the drill bit from going through the padlock metal. The padlock might come with a loose cover that allows it to spin independently. If this is the case, trying to drill through the padlock will only spin the plate but won’t catch the metal. Alternatively, the plate can have hardened steel inserts that make it almost impossible to drill through the padlock.

5.      Metal

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The best high security padlock will be made of a high-quality metal. This applies to both the body and the shackle. The most important considerations when evaluating the metal type is the hardness and thickness. As a rule, specialized allot metal performs a lot better when compared to standard hardened steel although it is still an alloy. Your best bet is to go for the thickest piece of alloy metal you can get your hands on. One way to tell the difference is by feeling the weight of the padlock. But note that this is just a guideline is not always an indicator of strength. You will want to go through the product specifications.

You can always enlist the services of a qualified locksmith services provider to help you pick out the ideal lock for your needs.


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