How To Increase Adsense earnings Of Your Website: AdSense is the primary source of income for a number bloggers around the world. It is one of the best techniques to earn huge amount of money with minimal efforts. Today, a large number of people are writing blogs to generate healthy amount of income on a regular basis. It’s a good means of earning, but requires a lot more than the ability to write good content. In order to avail profitable results from your blog or website, you have to apply some basic techniques, and keep some basic things in your mind. So, if you’re looking to Increase Adsense earnings of your blog or website, have a look on these tips.


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How To Increase Adsense Earnings Of Your Website

1. Placement of Ads

In order to boost AdSense income from a blog or website, keep Ads at the right place. A well placed ad will get more clicks and will definitely play a big part in boosting your earnings. So, when you’re optimizing your website or blog, place Ads at appropriate places. Placing Ads below title and of the post, and beside menu bar will play a big part in availing profitable results with less trouble.

2. Page Speed/Loading time is essential

Along with placement of Ads, loading time also plays a big part in boosting earnings through Adsense. If your blog is slow, or takes a lot of time to load, then a visitor may lose interest in your post, and may switch to some other website or blog. However, if he gets quick access to your blog or website, there are more chances that he clicks on one or two Ads. So, if you want to boost your earnings, make sure that your blog features a good loading time.

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3. Traffic is the key

In order to generate more income from a blog or website, try to get more and more visitors for your content. If more people are visiting your website, and you’re able to build more traffic in less time, then your earnings will automatically increase. Higher amount of traffic is the key to success while earning through AdSense.

4. Select appropriate keywords

In order to generate more traffic on a blog or website, pick an appropriate focus keyword. Without using an efficient focus keyword, you cannot generate optimum results through AdSense. Google Ads are based on keywords, and some keywords give higher CPC than others. So, if you’re looking to earn more from AdSense, make use of targeted keywords.

5. Use maximum Ad units

Use of maximum Ad units also plays a big part in boosting the earning process. While using Google AdSense, you can use 3 Banner Ads, and 2 text link Ads. So, it’s highly recommended that you use maximum number of Ads to generate more income.

6: Best Ad sizes to increase adsense earnings

  • 336×280 large rectangle:  Below Post Title and between posts
  • 300×250 medium rectangle: Below post title
  • 728×90 leaderboard: Standard Banner Ad
  • 200×90 Link Ads: Between posts and Sidebar


These were some of the best ways to increase AdSense earnings of a blog or website. If you’re looking to earn more money through blogging, just focus on these techniques and maintain the quality of your content. Good content and effective SEO will definitely boost your earnings progressively.Always follow “Google Adsense Policies” to avoid loosing your account.Stay tuned to All TechyTricks.


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