In many work environments, business owners and managers are tasked with the incredible feat of managing a mobile workforce. This workforce may be responsible for making on-site visits to customers, maintaining your facilities in various locations across the city and beyond and more. Regardless of the tasks that your field team works on regularly, you can improve your business substantially when you use the right field service management software. There are many programs to choose from, and you can quickly narrow down the options when you look for a program that can improve your business in each of these important ways.

Job Scheduling

Field service scheduling is perhaps one of the top reasons field service software management software programs are used. The best software programs are used to communicate directly with your team in the field. They may send open work orders to specific individuals, communicate back to you when work has been completed and more. Whether you want to simplify the scheduling process or monitor the actions of your team throughout the day, this software program can benefit you.

Billing Assistance
Each service technician may complete a wide range of projects throughout the day. Some may offer preventative maintenance service, and others may perform critical repairs in a timely manner. Your service technician team will benefit greatly by using the billing and invoicing features in these programs. These programs automate the billing process so that you can control billing remotely, view invoices that have been created, monitor payment activities and more.

Customer Database
As a busy owner or manager, you understandably want to maintain contact with your customers on a regular basis, and the right software program can assist with this. The best program allows you to input data about each customer that your team visits. They often can do this remotely from their various locations in the field. They may also input specific details, such as notes to follow up at a later date, specific services they requested and more. Such details can be used to improve sales and marketing efforts going forward.

Managing a team of service technicians in the field has many challenges. For example, you may have difficulty getting each employee to the location of their next project or work order. You may struggle to keep up with invoices that were generated by your team throughout the day. You may wonder if your team is capturing all of the leads possible from each contact with a new customer. These are among the top ways that the right software program can benefit you. As you explore programs, consider looking for a program with these great features in it.


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