Perhaps you aren’t the type of computer user that feels the dire need to upgrade to the newest software version possible just because everyone else is doing it. Maybe you are an independent type person who likes to stick with the version you have. Windows 7 does have some amazing features with it, but it may just be time for you to experiment with a newer version like 8. If you like that, then you may want to get Windows 10 after a while. Many reasons exist as to why buy Windows 8 is a good it for you. You could always try it and fall back to 7 if you truly don’t like it. The following are a few good reasons to move to 8 if you are still on 7:

The Tiles Grow on You

One of the biggest issues that people had when Windows 8 came out was that they didn’t appreciate the tiles and how they were set up. The tiles will actually grow on you, and you will begin to see how neat they are because they will make your desktop more organized than ever. You can change their size, move them around and turn them off if they distract you.

Quick Booting

Due to the amazing advances that the manufacturers performed on the software, your Windows 8 machine will boot up about 20 seconds faster than your Windows 7 machine will. You don’t have time to play when you’re conducting business, so you’ll want to boot up fast.

High Security

Windows 8’s security is more sophisticated than 7‘s security is. For example, your boot code will only allow software to load up if it has authorized signatures. That’s a good thing because it will prevent you from having breaches.

Massive Space

The Windows 8 machines are starting to come out with much more space than the other models have. It’s nothing for an 8 user to have more than 500 GB of space to store data. The more space you have on your rig, the less you have to worry about being careful as you create things.

Detailed Task Manager

The Windows 8 task manager is much more advanced than the one on Windows 7 is. You will be able to see more details than you were able to see on previous models, and you will be able to diagnose and treat problems better than you would have on the 7 models.

Many reasons exist as to why Windows 8 is a good it for you. You could always try it and fall back to 7 if you truly don’t like it. However, many people who move to 8 realize that they waited way too long before they switched to it. You may be one of the people who changes your thinking and starts to love this version of the operating system.


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