When you shop around for hosting services, you have two primary options available. These are shared hosting services and dedicated server hosting services. Because dedicated servers can cost more money, you may be inclined to immediately opt for a shared server. However, there are instances when paying more for a dedicated server makes sense. If you can relate to any of these factors, consider investing in dedicated server hosting services.

1. You Are Concerned About Speed

You may be worried that your website visitors may get frustrated by a slow load time. They may leave your home page before it even loads, or they may abandon items in their shopping cart because they simply did not have time to wait. A slow load time can create a negative view of your company, and it can also result in fewer conversions. A lower conversion rate or click-through rate could be a sign that you need to upgrade your hosting service to benefit from enhanced speed.

2. Your Customers Have Complained

While some visitors will simply click off of your website never to try to visit it again, others may be so frustrated that they complain directly to your company. When customers are so unhappy with their experience that they take the extra effort to complain about it, it is important that you take notice and act appropriately. Remember that this is indicative of lost revenue, and it also could potential signal that poor word-of-mouth comments about your company.

3. Security Is a Concern

With a shared server, other users have access to the same server that you are using, and this is a potential security concern. When your website handles sensitive information, such as medical data, payment information and more, you must take adequate steps to protect this information from falling into the wrong hands. Using a dedicated server for website hosting makes sense in this type of situation, and it may reduce your company’s exposure to related liability risks.

4. You Need to Choose Your Software

One type of dedicated server is VPS hosting, which uses a virtual private server. This is a server that is sold to a consumer with an operating system already loaded on it. The consumer can then choose which software program to use that is compatible with that operating system. If you need to use a specific software program, a dedicated solution may be a smart idea.

Choosing the right type of hosting service to use can be seemingly complicated. However, if you pay attention to your need for security, speed and even specific software programs, you can more easily eliminate poor options and make a wise decision. Remember that you can comparison shop for the best price once you have narrowed down the options to the type of hosting service that is right for you. For more information, you will be able to gain a better understanding from the Cirrus Tech Ltd. website.


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