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Incredible Tips on How to Choose the Best IT Service Provider

Outsourcing IT services is a cost-effective method used by thousands of small and large businesses around the world to enhance their production processes. However, businesses often experience serious issues with some providers. Most of these problems occur because the managers did not take their time to analyze all the situations before settling for a given provider. Here are some tips on how to get the right IT service provider.

Consider decent rates

An IT consulting and support professional is like a lawyer. You have the chance to gauge his suitability by just looking at the fees he charges. A provider that offers attractive fees for his services may not be the ideal choice. When the deal is good, think twice. It could be that the company is using the low prices as a compensation for their lack of expertise. Before you know it, you end up with an ineffective IT system and the business’ strong online presence starts to reduce. On the other hand, you do not want to hire a company that drips you dry. Go for a provider that charges decent rates and has a professional payment scheme.

Consider excellent customer services

Go for a firm that is always there for you whenever a problem occurs. Its customer service team should be friendly, compassionate and fast. They should answer your questions with a smile and reply to emails on time. Even if the company’s technical support is excellent, do not hire them if their customer service is not up to standard. A good customer service will assist you to handle disputes and complex technical issues.

Consider qualified personnel

You don’t want to trust your IT systems with people who don’t have the required skills to handle them. Go for managed providers with good track records and reputation in IT support. Ask others who have worked with them to determine how effective they are.

Consider advanced technologies

The company should have the latest technology in the industry. There are several technologies out there that can be used to offer excellent services. For example, a good company should be able to use multiple remote desktop controls to sort out IT issues. Advanced technologies will ensure that problems are sorted out in a timely manner. In the end, there will be a major boost in production and workflow.

Consider a reliable provider

There are a lot of dishonest companies out there who can make things difficult in business. Make sure you strike a deal with a company that will provide you with excellent and reliable services. They should be in a position to carry out extensive market research and come up with effective strategies to improve your IT solutions. Their work should be accurate and uninterrupted. They must be there to answer your questions and sort out issues all the time. Above all, they must be honest and principled.

Thoughtful Ways to Make a Software Program More Usable

 If you are preparing software requirements for an upcoming development project, you may be focused on creating the most user-friendly program available. You may have specific functional requirements for the program, such as facilitating your sales staff or your engineering team in some way. However, in order to make a program truly beneficial for the functional applications you have in mind, it may need requirements tools to boost productivity and facilitate the easy completion of specific tasks. These are factors that boil down to how usable the program is. There are some simple tips you can follow when drafting your software requirements that can make your program more usable for your team.

Focus on the Ease of Learning

Your team’s first experiences with the program will be during training sessions and with trial and error efforts on their own. Ease of learning and ease of usability are two very different things in the development world, but how easy it is for your team to learn specific functions of the program can dictate how easy it is to apply certain features of the program in practical use. Therefore, your first step should be on making the program easy for your users to learn how to use.

Incorporate Pop Up Help Windows

Even with basic training sessions on the proper use of the program, your team may still have questions about the program from time to time as they use it on a daily basis. Rather than expect your team to fiddle with the program until they stumble upon the answers they are looking for, you can create pop up help windows that offer practical advice and tips. As you tinker with the program during test sessions, you can advise your developer of areas of application that may need pop up help windows.

Make Help Topics Searchable

Even with pop up help windows and after your team has been properly trained on the use of the program, questions still may arise from time to time. You can instruct your developer in the software requirements to create a searchable help section in the program. This can be a costly and time-consuming feature to incorporate, and this is because it is akin to incorporating a full training manual on all features in the program. However, if your program will be used by many or if it has complicated functional abilities, this can be helpful.

When developing a software program, you understandably want your team to maximize its use for their benefit in the workplace. Usability is one of the most significant factors that will impact how beneficial a program is. You can enhance the usability of your program through these tips.

Mobile Forms and Solutions

The aim of a form app is to improve how a company’s field employees and central Information Technology collect, share, and monitor data to boost business processes. This technological advancement works by eliminating your paper based forms and replacing them with mobile form solutions. Converting all of your company’s paperwork into mobile form apps that are easy to use allows you to do more with your data. Regardless of type, there is a mobile solution available for every business that will save you time and money.

Mobile forms involve four basic steps:

[1] Build: This is the very first step, and it involves designing and building mobile forms and solutions on a number of devices whether they are tablet, mobile, or desktop.

[2] Setup: The second step involves setting up users, jobs, and notifications. Apart from being out of the box, mobile forms are easy to set-up and do not require coding or development.

[3] Use: The third step involves downloading the application and logging in. Downloading the mobile app onto your tablet or mobile phone allows you to not only receive jobs and forms but also return completed data to your office.

[4] Review: The fourth step involves capturing, analyzing, and deploying your data. You can always design and build the reports to look the same as existing paper forms.

Key Features

Mobile forms include a few handy features that can help you to eliminate paper forms and kick-start both your workflow and mobile data.

Form builder: This particular feature allows you to create simple but comprehensive forms for application across desktop and mobile devices.

Form intelligence: This feature enables the creation of powerful skip logic functionality in mobile forms, which allows you to customize the capturing of data according to the needs of your customers.

Media and signature capture: You can use this feature to capture photos, videos, and signatures while out in the field, which is bound to improve both the external and internal communication channels of your company.

Notifications: This feature allows you to send notifications to end user clients or teams within your business once your jobs and forms are complete. The notifications include copies of completed forms, invoices, and confirmation emails.

Geolocation: This feature allows you to record the time and location of you employees when completing jobs and any other operational duty out in the field.

Job dispatch: By availing real-time job dispatch, this feature gives your operational teams more visibility on workflow.

Report building: This feature allows you to develop well-structured reports that you can present back to your clients in real-time.

Barcode/QR scan: By making it possible to scan barcodes and QR codes through your mobile forms, this feature helps you to streamline your workflow and save a lot of time.

The resources at ProntoForms are helpful and can provide you with more information about mobile forms and solutions. Watch the below YouTube video to learn more about their solutions and services.

The Different Categories of Security Testing Services

Hiring the services of a security consulting firm to perform security penetration testing can go a long way in protecting your organization from security vulnerabilities. However, it can be very frustrating and confusing if the consulting firm you decide to partner with does meet your organization’s security requirements. Understanding the types of security testing services that the consulting firm provides as well as how they operate can make all the difference between a costly mistake and a well managed process in security risk management. Without much ado, the following are some of the common penetration tests to expect from various security consulting firms in Canada.

Black-Box Testing

Black-box testing involves using an attacker who is well versed with the network technology that your organization is using. While a good number of security consulting firms are still using this method of testing, the model isn’t as common as it was a few years back because attackers are currently sophisticated enough and will be probably well updated with the technology that your organization is using in advance.

White-box testing

Unlike black-box testing, white-box testing involves information sharing and close communication between the security testing service firm and your technology group. The security consulting firm is supplied with legitimate user accounts, user guides, URLs, documentations and other resources. Generally, this model of testing often provides the most comprehensive results and is presently employed by many organizations in Canada.

Gray-box testing

As its name suggests, grey-box testing is basically a mix of the white-box and black-box testing models. With this testing method, your organization is expected to share just a little information about your networks as opposed to handing over everything. These may include access to your organization’s intranet site and other superficial information.

Bottom Line

When it comes to the right security consulting company to partner with, your choice should be shaped by factors beyond the types of testing models they use. You need to consider if they have the right talent for the job, the scope of their tests, their background, their reputation in the industry, and their goals and objectives.

Of course the above parameters are not exhaustive by any means, but are great elements to keep in mind when you are scouting for a company to help your organization with system integration testing or any other security testing service. One last but very important suggestion: trust your gut. Because you are going to expose your security details to a third party, there is no room for mistakes. If, in the process of hiring a firm, you detect anything fishy about the integrity or capability of the security consulting firm, simply walk away. For more information, you may appreciate the resources available at QA Consultants.

How To Increase Adsense earnings Of Your Website

How To Increase Adsense earnings Of Your Website: AdSense is the primary source of income for a number bloggers around the world. It is one of the best techniques to earn huge amount of money with minimal efforts. Today, a large number of people are writing blogs to generate healthy amount of income on a regular basis. It’s a good means of earning, but requires a lot more than the ability to write good content. In order to avail profitable results from your blog or website, you have to apply some basic techniques, and keep some basic things in your mind. So, if you’re looking to Increase Adsense earnings of your blog or website, have a look on these tips.


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How To Increase Adsense Earnings Of Your Website

1. Placement of Ads

In order to boost AdSense income from a blog or website, keep Ads at the right place. A well placed ad will get more clicks and will definitely play a big part in boosting your earnings. So, when you’re optimizing your website or blog, place Ads at appropriate places. Placing Ads below title and of the post, and beside menu bar will play a big part in availing profitable results with less trouble.

2. Page Speed/Loading time is essential

Along with placement of Ads, loading time also plays a big part in boosting earnings through Adsense. If your blog is slow, or takes a lot of time to load, then a visitor may lose interest in your post, and may switch to some other website or blog. However, if he gets quick access to your blog or website, there are more chances that he clicks on one or two Ads. So, if you want to boost your earnings, make sure that your blog features a good loading time.

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3. Traffic is the key

In order to generate more income from a blog or website, try to get more and more visitors for your content. If more people are visiting your website, and you’re able to build more traffic in less time, then your earnings will automatically increase. Higher amount of traffic is the key to success while earning through AdSense.

4. Select appropriate keywords

In order to generate more traffic on a blog or website, pick an appropriate focus keyword. Without using an efficient focus keyword, you cannot generate optimum results through AdSense. Google Ads are based on keywords, and some keywords give higher CPC than others. So, if you’re looking to earn more from AdSense, make use of targeted keywords.

5. Use maximum Ad units

Use of maximum Ad units also plays a big part in boosting the earning process. While using Google AdSense, you can use 3 Banner Ads, and 2 text link Ads. So, it’s highly recommended that you use maximum number of Ads to generate more income.

6: Best Ad sizes to increase adsense earnings

  • 336×280 large rectangle:  Below Post Title and between posts
  • 300×250 medium rectangle: Below post title
  • 728×90 leaderboard: Standard Banner Ad
  • 200×90 Link Ads: Between posts and Sidebar


These were some of the best ways to increase AdSense earnings of a blog or website. If you’re looking to earn more money through blogging, just focus on these techniques and maintain the quality of your content. Good content and effective SEO will definitely boost your earnings progressively.Always follow “Google Adsense Policies” to avoid loosing your account.Stay tuned to All TechyTricks.

Trace Mobile Number With [Exact Name & Location]-How To

Trace Mobile Number: Are you feeling annoyed and also tired of fake calls? Want to find out the culprit? Check out How to trace mobile number with exact name and location.Prank calls are common and test your patience,sometimes this also leads to mishaps and you will be in the firing zone.Prank or Fake calls may be from telephone agencies,Lucky draw coupon results and even from unknown sources,who tell all kinds of stuff like you have won a million :P.But then, with the latest technology these calls can be traced.That is you can actually trace mobile number,find who called you with also his service provider,Location (address) and other whereabouts.Here are the best possible methods to trace mobile number that will work wonders for you.

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How To Trace Mobile Number With Exact Name & Location

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1: Trace Mobile Number Using Websites

There are lot of websites available that help you trace mobile number directly and also give info about fake caller.Just visit the sites I have provided below and you need to fill in some basic info like Name,Mail-Id and other details.You must enter the mobile number and find the culprit and prankster.Also fill in the correct STD code and check the results of fake calls.These websites are extremely handy in figuring out the location and name.Check out top 5 websites that help you trace mobile number.



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2: Trace Mobile Number Using Mobile Apps

Smartphones can turn out to be one of the best tools to figure out prank calls and trace mobile number.You can diretly download the best possible tracing apps from Google Playstore.Even IOS has few apps available in Apple store which you can download and moreover you can use iCloud and track your mobile number.Check out: how to track lost iPhone or iPad.Whenever you get a fake call or prank call you can use the apps mentioned below ..

Truecaller – Caller ID & Block    :          Allows tracking and blocks fake calls

Mobile Number & Phone Location   :  Helps in knowing Exact location of person calling

ZoeMob Family Tracker   :                    Extremely easy and handy fake call tracing app

Phone and Cell Tracker India  :      This App Traces all Indian Numbers 

 3: Trace Mobile Number Using SMS 

Don’t have Internet or any kind of Smart phones? No regrets at all,you can trace and track the mobile number which you desire using SMS based applications.One of the simplest methods to trace mobile number,Just send sms to specific number and in particular format as shown below.All the tracking details will be messaged back to you.Follow the 2 methods as shown below:

Send “@iTrueCaller <mobile number you want to trace>” without the quote and the brackets to 9266592665

Send “#TrueCaller <mobile number you want to trace>” without the quote and brackets to 5544.


Note: SMS charges for this services varies from Operator to Operator and may range from 2 to 7 INR

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4: Alternate Methods: Using  Wikipedia And Google 

After using the Above 3 Methods and still you can’t find the actually details of the mobile number.I recommend you to use this method after trying out all above methods and use it only if above methods are unsuccessful.




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  • Twitter

Wikipedia: Use Wikipedia to get details regarding series of mobile codes ,zones and more. You can check out articles like List of mobile phone number series by country and Mobile telephone numbering in India.

Google: Enter the mobile number you want to trace in Google search engine and try to know maximum details regarding  mobile number.Google search engine traces details which may be available in their Google Plus,Websites,Facebook etc.

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These are the four methods I felt will help you Trace mobile Number and also track fake calls or pranks.Hope you found the article interesting and useful too.Please share express your views regarding this article and You can also share any other techniques to trace mobile number.

Download WhatsApp For PC Laptop Free Windows/MAC & Web Browser

Download WhatsApp for PC: Welcome to article to Download WhatsApp for PC/Laptop Free Windows/MAC & also Use on Web Browser.Most of few might have heard about new whatsapp features and privacy.Recently Facebook also brought Whatsapp for $19 billion to add to its new features.Whatsapp is often considered as top messaging services in world. Whatsapp is now available in all smartphones,Nokia mobiles,iphones and ipads.It is even available on popular Android emulators like Bluestacks and Youwave which helps you communicate swiftly and effectively.Follow the complete guide on How to Download Whatsapp for PC.

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What Is Whatsapp ? How Does It Work?

Whatsapp is a typical kind of a messenger which allows you to send free messages ,send photos ,videos ,songs ,locations and contacts too.So whatsapp serves many needs for free.New added features give more privacy as you can hide your status,display pics and disable last seen from viewing. Whatsapp for pc is available and web browser also.WhatsApp uses XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) to handle the message delivery system.


  • Unlimited Text Messages
  • Share videos,Images and even Audio messages
  • Privacy: You can Hide Last seen,status and also Display pic.
  • Archive all the messages and Conversation backup is other feature
  • Change Whatsapp Wallpaper and also save Incoming Media
  • Create your own groups and chat with close ones at once.
  • Share chat conversation on Email and other services.

Usage of Whatsapp is not that complicated these days especially with launch of new Whatsapp on Web.All you need is a smartphone with latest and updated OS.Below is the simple Guide to download and use whatsapp for pc or laptop.

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How To Use WhatsApp Web In Google Chrome Web Browser? 

Step 1: Firstly Whatsapp on web is available only on chrome so Download Chrome here.

Step 2: Navigate to Whatsapp Web official page-Click here.

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Step 3: Open Whatsapp on Smartphone click on three dots > Whatsapp Web.

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Step 4: Scan the QR code on PC with your smartPhone.

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Step 5: See that both your PC and smartphone are connected with Internet.

Step 6: Now you can Send and receive messages on Whatsapp Web.

Note: Get connected your smartphone with Wi-Fi Network to avoid excess data charges from your operator.

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How To Download WhatsApp For PC(Alternate Method)

Step 1: As you know Android apps on PC is possible only due to Bluesatcks and Youwave Emulators.

Step 2: Download Youwave Android app player or Bluestacks Android app player.

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Step 3: Click on View > Online Content > Import Whatsapp.

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Step 4: Click on install.

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Step 5: Follow Whatsapp installation process.

Many of you might have a opinion that Youwave is not full version and its 10 days trial version.Hence I have a trick so please comment your Fb profile I will tell u the trick.

Complete Guide To Download And Install WhatsApp On Your PC

  • Download Bluestacks Android Emulator from Official Site.


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  • Select  the operating system which you are using; mostly it might be Windows or Mac and download the respective version and install the app.
  • After you download this BlueStacks software from the official webpage, Double click on the downloaded file and install it, like you install other software’s on your PC.
  • Click on Search button and search for “WhatsApp”.
  • Then you will be provided with different sources from where you can download Whatsapp App. I prefer Google Play,so just click on Whatsapp Messenger on Google Play column and install the app.
  • After installing WhatsApp open it then you have to Choose your Country and Enter Phone number.
  • The moment you enter the Phone number the corresponding mobile will receive a 4 digit Pass Code.
  • Enter the Code to start using Whatsapp on your PC.

Infographic On Download Whatsapp For PC

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Image Credits:

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Download Kik Messenger For PC- Windows 7,8 & Mac

Download Kik Messenger for PC:There are number of instant messaging apps for Android mobile phone, One of them is Kik Messenger.It was created in 2009 by a group of University of Waterloo students.At the same time now Kik messenger is one of the best and most utilized messaging customer as a part of the Social world. Kik messenger has a Clean and adjustable Interface, loaded with smileys and permits you to send unlimited messages to any viable Kik client.Its an informing application as well as Offer pictures, feature, smiley, and numerous different options.


Difference Between Kik Messenger And Other Messaging Services

Kik messenger for pc allows you to Change themes and Pictures. The real contrast between other messaging services and Kik is that you needn’t bother about any mobile number to utilize this app.Kik messenger builts your Profile when you utilizes it for first time. Further,more Companions can discover you utilizing your profile client name to ensure your Protection.

Features Of Kik Messenger For PC

  • kik messenger has elegant and simple looking user interface which is uniquely designed.
  • Kik  allows you to message friends with texts and images in real-time as well as provides you with additional tools such as the sketch pad and built-in browser.
  • Kik messenger has a Built in browser which allows You can share addresses directly into conversations.
  • kik Users can share pictures, videos, real time location, voice notes and many other supported files.
  • Users can send unlimited free text messages to any Kik Messenger user.

Kik Messenger For PC Using Youwave

Step 1: Download Youwave Android emulator on pc


Step 2: Search for Google playstore app in menu or Click on View > apps > Google playstore

Step 3: Search for Kik messenger

Step 4: Click on install and open


Step 5: Finally Register and login


Kik Messenger For PC Using Bluestacks

Step 1: Download bluestacks offline installer on your pc

Step 2: Search for “Kik Messenger” in the search bar and Click on Find


Step 3: Click on Install to download Kik messenger

Step 4: Go to Bluestacks > My apps > Kik messenger

Now you have successfully installed Kik messenger for PC.I hope you found both methods to download Kik messenger for PC useful.Make sure you comment and share

Check out video on How to download kik messenger for pc:
click here-

Top 10 SEO [Search Engine Optimization] Tips-2015

This is the most common question asked by people who blog and even surf on net ‘what is seo and how is seo done to rank in Google ? I answered  above questions and mentioned top 10 basic seo tips one must employ.

What Is SEO?

Most of you know SEO stands for search engine optimization.Elaborating this when you post content on a blog/website members of the website or people who know about your blog will immediately come to know of it.However,rest of world does not get across it.The only way is through search engines (google,Yahoo,Bing) which optimize your content and rate it.

How Does It Work

All search engines use some metrics to analyse the content and rank them,and they have formula or an algorithm to rank the pages.Search engines use web crawlers to update their database as to keywords used,topics,links and engines update regularly and deliver pages in accordance with their rankings.


10 Basic Tips For SEO

1:Domain Name

A good domain name is the starting point to all things to come.A website domain name is top level domain like http;//,in case of a blog you get second level domain domain name plays important role in where your blog is ranked in the search engines.


Keywords are target words of your content which should appear in text and even in post title.They play an important role in search engine optimization(seo) and increase your blog use them intelligently from Google keyword planner.

3:Social Media

Search engines also look for good social media like twitter, Reddit,StumbleUpon,Facebook and traffic you get from them before optimization.Hence be active and share articles in social media.Top Social Networking sites to promote Blog


There are two types of links that affect SEO namely forward links and back links.Back links are links to your blog from other blogs or sources.Back links to your page indicate that your content is validated as good.Build as many back links as possible to improve SEO.

5:Alt Tags For Images

You must know that search engines are not good at handling images,add a title for image with keywords.These are called as alt tags and alt text which defines and describes the images and can be easily crawled.

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6:Quality Content

Every blogger should know that ultimately what is important is content which defines you in blogging world.Content is king as they say should make visitor comfortable and make him spend time on your content.See Also:5 tips to write a great a blog post.

7:Update Regularly

Google and other search engines decide the frequency of updating your website in their search index based on the frequency of fresh and unique content being added to blog or website.Therefore follow a time pattern like one post in 3 days or weekends.So post content regularly to get them indexed faster.

8:Meta Description

This is another tag used to describe in brief what your page or post is about.Description to a blog and post is important SEO tool as this is what you see in search results.Therefore ensure that first few lines describe the content and use maximum keywords.

9:Responsive Template

Responsive theme or template is another SEO factor which is very much important.Blogger default templates are not search engine optimized hence add a simple,attracting responsive template.Eg:Elice blogger template and ATB template,which I am using.

10:Avoid Duplicate Content

Do not copy content from other popular sites because search engines recognize this and drop your post.This may also have an effect on entire blog and removal of adsense.



Top 10 Social Networking Sites To Boost SEO-2015

All Social Networking sites allows users to create their own profile and thereafter,get in touch with old friends and acquaintances,find people with common interests.There are other features like commenting,chatting and private messaging.There are several types of social networking sites,some created for mutual benefit and for a particular work like discussion forum on topics.Social networking sites and your blog must have a good coordination.For example: if you write an article about new mobile phone and sharing it in social sites not only helps in creating a backlink to your article on blog but also helps in getting initial traffic.I have Provided the best possible social networking sites or social bookmarking sites below..


Top 10 Social Networking Sites To Boost SEO


Twitter is by far the most widely used among all social networking sites,next only to Facebook and is rapidly gained gaining more popularity due to ease of its use and far reach on net.Promoting your blog on Twitter is the easiest thing to do thanks to twitter feed.This allows you to integrate your blog feeds with twitter,so that your latest post is automatically tweeted.So create a twitter account and gain followers by showing it on your blog and increase traffic.


StumbleUpon is a powerful social media for newbies in blogging.You can get maximum traffic from stumbleupon if you are a upcoming blogger.Its feature allows to see other web pages,videos,photos and more published according to their interests.Usually google algorithm changes often hence you
might loose your traffic but by sharing posts in stumbleupon keeps your traffic frequency constant.



This is another popular social media which is ranked 3rd in the world.YouTube is a video sharing site where in you can upload,share and view videos.YouTube is ranked best for usage around the globe.Though it is not a typical social networking site it allows users to view,like,dislike and comment on videos.I believe YouTube is best SEO booster as videos increase the traffic to your site and there is a constant flow of traffic unlike other social sites.



Facebook is probably the most popular social networking site today that helps you connect and share with people in your life.Facebook allows you to integrate with your page so you can get our latest content to feature on facebook each time you update your blog.Facebook can drive more traffic to your blog if have a proper blog page or group.Facebook is a great place to showcase your talent and your true identity to the people that you network with.



Google plus is another social media powered and designed by google.Blogger allows to share posts automatically in google plus.Increase your google plus circles by sharing posts and adding button on blog.Main advantage using this is every gmail account has google plus so you can increase popularity.You can also have your verified and linked Google plus page for your Website.



LinkedIn is the most popular social media for business and Entrepreneurs.Its a place to interact with business people and even promote your blog.But this is very useful if you have a established blog so it boosts your traffic and blog.

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Reddit is another networking site which is rated high by bloggers.To promote your blog it is one best platform so create an account popularize your blog.Reddit allows you share your content in form of links or text.You can also check rank of your content or interest of people towards your article in a category called ‘Subreddits’.



Pinterest is a unique and interesting social networking site.There is a pinboard where you can pin your articles in the form of thumbnails.You can create, manage and share image collections that are related to a particular topic – hobbies, interests, household, etc.Pinterest is useful when you have more number of followers.



Tumblr is a good social media platform and micro blogging site.You can share images,Gifs,videos,links,quotes and much more.This site is very useful for SEO as it can give you a backlink which is of high PR and authority.Additionally you can also share your blog posts old or new on dashboard.You also get to know about other news and trending topics around the globe.So I recommend all bloggers must have a Tumblr account.



Digg is one such website which mainly shows interest on trending and viral news on Internet.Digg has features which match with Reddit like submission of articles and up-voting them.And now the new Digg Reader is a simple, powerful and speedy way to follow your favorite sources and publishers.For bloggers,you can create an account and add Rss-feed of your site and link your posts with Digg.


There are other social networking sites that may help your cause but above mentioned are rated high.Social Networking sites are important in way because Google algorithms like Penguin,Panda and Humming Bird may hurt your blogs traffic so improve your social media status.Stay Tuned in