By the end of this decade, most Canadian business owners whose companies are not bound by compliance to operate their own office network will have switched to remote IT support and managed IT consulting services. The rationale for this business shift can be seen in the Montreal region, where the data center market is beginning to mature.

Increased competition in the cloud services market is transforming Montreal into the data center capital of Canada. Business owners are demanding greater quality of IT support solutions; they are no longer wiling to put up with data centers with downtime periods adding up to a few days per year. When company owners in Canada decide to put their entire data infrastructure in the cloud, the want to get the best IT consulting services.

The Future of Enterprise Cloud Computing

Canada has lagged behind the United States in terms of cloud services adoption. Until about 2010, many companies were still using the legacy client/server model of business computing, which requires keeping IT support staff onsite and on payroll. Once American data centers started offering cloud services to Canadian clients, local entrepreneurs took notice.

Enterprise cloud services are the ideal solution for modern Canadian business owners who don’t want to use up too much capital on hardware or on hiring IT staff. Modern workplace trends such as “bring your own device” negate the need for office networks, and disaster recovery planning calls for keeping backups in reliable offsite locations. The better option is clearly to use cloud platforms.

Why Montreal?

Corporate data centers are quickly disappearing across all provinces; the new trend is to look for managed services, server co-location or moving all data assets to the cloud. To this effect, Canadian companies no longer have to seek American solutions; affordable electricity rates in Montreal have sparked a Golden Age of data centers.

Electrical utility companies such as Hydro Quebec offer rates as low as 5.2 cents per kilowatt hour. Toronto’s rates are closer to 10 cents per kilowatt hour. The new data centers being built in Montreal are carrier-neutral, which means that clients can leverage their internet access subscriptions through Shaw, Rogers, Videotron, and others.

Aside from affordable electricity, business leaders in Montreal have created a friendly regulatory environment for data centers to set up shop. Government contractors who are required to keep electronic records within Canada are happy to learn that Montreal is attracting data center operators.


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