If your business has a website, it is important for you to think about SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is simply the work done by a website owner to ensure that it ranks high in search engine results for tier target keywords. Search engine optimization is competitive but worth it in the long run for any business. To be able to understand SEO, one needs to read as much on it as possible. Here are the best SEO blogs 2018 had to offer.

1.     Moz


This is probably the most trusted site for anything that is SEO related. They have an invaluable beginners guide to SEO. It also has important information for people who already know the basics of SEO and only looking to broaden their understanding. Even an SEO expert can benefit from the wealth of information on the blog. Contributors to the blog are industry professionals and the editors are very picky about the content they publish to ensure that you only get the best SEO resources.

2.     The Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal

This is an SEO site that covers a wide Range of online marketing topics. It has detailed information on social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising even though SEO is their main focus. They offer tutorials that are ideal for beginners and also offer information, tips, and updates for experienced SEO practitioners.

3.     Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch

This is one of the best SEO blogs 2018. It covers marketing and advertising trends while at the same time providing information related to SEO marketing. Most of their content is focused on making it possible for marketers to build brand and product visibility online. The marketing pros at  say that this is the best site for anyone who wants to stay updated on the latest trends in the world of SEO.

4.     Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land

The Search Engine Land blog offers content with topics related to SEO while maintaining its primary emphasis on search engine optimization. This site covers updates related to search engines and products related to search engines. You can find tips on different SEO strategies and also educational information touching on SEO marketing.

5.     SEO Book

SEO Book

Unlike the other blogs above that focus on other aspects of online marketing, SEO book focuses solely on search engine optimization. This blog covers a wide range of SEO content and also goes deeper and looks into the technical aspects of search engine optimization. This makes this site ideal for anyone with a bit of SEO knowledge and skills who is looking to broaden their knowledge.

6.    Raven Tools

Raven Tools

This is a blog site that offers a wide range of SEO tips as well as technical SEO topics required for business owners doing SEO for their sites. Raven tools also offer tools that make it possible for businesses practicing SEO to make reliable marketing reports. You’ll learn how to analyse data during your search marketing campaigns.

These blog sites will make it possible for you practice better SEO for your website which will benefit your business and boost your bottom line.


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