Before you can learn how to make the make the most of exit popups, it is important to understand what exit intent detection is all about and how it is linked to exit popups. Exit intent is a factor based on mouse tracking. It makes use of a JavaScript to track movement that shows when a website visitor is about to reach the window closing command. When intent to exit is detected, it will trigger the exit pop up. So, how does a pop up when leaving page help your e-commerce business? Let’s find out.

1.     Growing Your Email List

Growing Your Email List
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When using the internet, you have probably come across numerous popups asking you to take some sort of action the minute you land on a page. This is a method believed to interrupt the user experience and contributes to increased abandonment rates. Asking website visitors to sign up to your email list with a pop up at exit ensures that you do not interrupt the user while going through your website. This way, you increase the chances of conversion.

2.     Collection of Feedback

Collection of Feedback
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A pop up when leaving page can be used to collect feedback from your visitors. After all, you want to know why some visitors did not convert. Use your popups to run a short survey asking them to state the reasons that discouraged them from buying from your website.

3.     Establishing Contact

Establishing Contact
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As a small business owner, you need to learn how to optimize the limited resources at your disposal.  If your business cannot afford to hire sales reps that are in constant communication with clients, you can use a pop up when leaving page to establish contact with your visitors. These popups can make it easy for visitors who need help to get in touch with you for help. Ensure that the popups have details on how to get in touch with you.

4.     Retaining Abandoned Carts

Retaining Abandoned Carts
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According to SEO in Toronto experts, more than 69% of carts are abandoned every day online. There are numerous reasons that lead to cart abandonment. Most of these reasons can be countered by giving your clients a discount or offer just when they want to exit your page. This can help to reduce abandonment rates.

5.     Give Free Samples or Free Trials

Give Free Samples or Free Trials
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Most people will not say no to free trials or samples. You can use exit popups to convince your visitors to try out your product for free. If your product is good enough, this will eventually push them to purchase from you.

6.     Growing Your Follower List

Growing Your Follower List
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This is especially ideal for blogs and media websites. Instead of letting website visitors leave with no chance of returning, you can invite them to follow you on the various social media platforms you are on. This is especially ideal for blog content as people will want to read more if you offer interesting and helpful content.

Now you know how an exit pop up when leaving page can help boost your marketing efforts.


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