Windows 10 comes with a lot of new interesting features that goes beyond including lots of security features or reinstating the Start menu. However, while the many new features are certainly good reasons to make you upgrade, there are also a plethora of reasons that can make you stick with your Windows 7 or 8.1. So should you buy Windows 10 or stick with an older version of Windows?

What You Stand To Enjoy


With the upsurge of hybrid laptop-tablet devices, this feature makes it seamless to switch between the two modes. Immediately you plug in or remove the keyboard or mouse, the system will sense and switch to a more convenient mode. When you remove the mouse or keyboard, for instance, the system will switch to a more touch-friendly mode and when the tablet is docked into the keyboard again, you will be promoted to exit the Tablet profile.

DirectX 12 support

Although gaming performance is more or less similar to previous versions, the DirectX 12 support implies that new games will perform better on existing software. Additionally, you will also be in a position stream games from Xbox directly to your PC, play them, and capture snapshots of your favorite game play session, which you can share with your friends.


This great voice assistant is able to power search in your new Windows version, help you find programs and files, suggest for you matching apps, and look up for you information from the web—at a go. Simply put, cortana is fun and valuable and could even be better in future as more apps and services are integrated with it.

What You Might Lose

Windows Media Center

If you value your Windows Media Center, it’s better to stick with your older versions of Windows unless you are ready to scout for alternative for the Media Center features.

XP Mode

If you are interested in keeping your old Windows XP program working, don’t bother upgrading to Windows 10. Alternatively you can upgrade to the Pro version and run your older Windows version virtually via Hyper-V. However, you are likely to encounter a lot of security problems.

OneDrive Changes

Although the changes to OneDrive are vital, if your folders aren’t synced to your PC, you may not be in a position to work with it the new version of window’s File Explorer.

Bottom Line

Any new version of Windows operating system has its pros and cons and Windows 10 is no exception. If you are considering to upgrade, therefore, do a background check on the new features that Windows 10 offers and figure out how useful they are to you as well as some of the features that you might lose so that you decide if an upgrade will be an advantage or will bring you problems.


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