Choosing the right type of office printers is paramount for a business that intends to optimize efficiency for increased productivity. For instance, it’s efficient to invest in networked printers that can be used by various employees than buying individual printers to be placed on each desk. In fact, these printers are also faster and have more advanced finishing options. A reliable office printer should enable you to handle a variety of tasks such as copying, scanning, emailing, and faxing.

The availability of these machines in various variations and types such as wired or wireless laser printer, laser LED, and monochrome or color makes the entire buying process daunting. Here is a guide on how to go about buying the best office printers for your business:

✔ 1. Inkjet

These are the type of printers that are most suitable for small businesses and work by jetting liquid ink through a pinhead. They are great for printing fliers, brochures, or any other type of document that has graphics because they produce high-quality photos. Moreover, they are relatively cheap and can be print on many types of media. However, the printers are much slower.

✔ 2. Laser/LED

These two types are almost similar and very common in most offices. With a light source, the printer will project an image on a rotating drum before transferring a toner to the paper. Laser/LED printers are quite fast and are capable of producing high-quality text. The colour laser printer also has a good hard-drive and large memory which makes it perfect for networking tasks. However, they are relatively expensive and don’t print photo-based media.
Other types of printers that are less common include solid-ink printers, snapshot printers, dye-sublimation printers, business printers, color or monochrome, and wired or wireless laser printers.

✔ 3. Leasing vs. Buying

Although buying your own machine is a good investment, you should also consider the leasing option because it allows you to trade it in after a few years for a newer and advanced model. However, it can also be expensive to lease due to the long run leasing fees.

Before you start looking for the right machine, you need to assess all your needs and budget. You ought to know the number of people who will be using the printer, its quality, and its speed or memory. You should also note that you ought to decide whether you’ll be printing basic spreadsheet or word file documents or documents that have graphics and photos. Identify how the machine will be performing so as to come up with a list of your priorities. This helps you weed trough the myriad available options of printers for small businesses.


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