Imagine being at the front door when the news of a nasty weather forecast falls upon your ears. Not something you’d merrily sign up for usually, isn’t it?

Moving can be a stressful task in itself. Couple it with rough weather and you’ll end up with a nightmare. The possibility of hell breaking loose without necessarily being at fault sends chills down the spine to the faint-hearted. If you’ve been pondering over ways to smoothen your moving process under extreme weather, this post goes for you. Here are 6 things you would definitely wanna watch out for before you start the moving process:

1. Waterproofing


Unexpected rain is undoubtedly the worst situation you can get into. Cardboard boxes are infamous for their water-repelling capabilities for a reason. If you’re unsure about the quality of your packing, abort. There’s nothing worse than unpacking a bunch of ruined mushy boxes on the new carpet of your new home.

In case you can’t postpone your moving schedule, make sure you wrap all the boxes in some sort of waterproof wrapping to keep the things well and dry.

2. Extreme Heat

Extreme Heat

Although many people tend to believe that a sunny day is the best to make a move, we tend to disagree a little. For interstate or any moving where there’s a significant distance involved, people are prone to heatstrokes and dehydration. These can be serious depending on the route you’re on. Always make sure you never run low on water as you might probably need it right after you move in as well.

3. Driveways


Just because you’ve hired a professional moving agency doesn’t mean your work is done. If it’s snowing outside, it should be your utmost priority to keep the driveways clear at your home. A knee-deep buried driveway is guaranteed to cause significant delays in the whole process.

Common mistake: People often clear their driveway only at the current address and make the loading easier but have no realization to do the same on their future address.

4. Traffic

Don’t run things on a tight schedule. When the weather gets rough, there are a gazillion things that could go wrong on the streets. Traffic becomes unpredictable, for a fallen tree or an accidental mistake might block the street for a fair amount of time, long enough for you to get stressed. Always leave at least a day before you need to get things up and running again to avoid such situations.

5. Hailstorm


Hailstorms are probably one of the worst things you can get into, for there’s no reliable way of hail prediction. The conditions usually are ambiguous to that of a normal thunderstorm and hence difficult to predict. If your luck takes a hit and you get caught in hail, immediately find shelter for your vehicle.

The moving trucks can take a lot of beating compared to your family car. It is important to stay calm, for a freaked out version of you won’t be helping the situation either. Hail can do a lot of damage to your vehicles if you’re caught amidst transit, and it’s best to avoid them.

6. Hurricanes

Hurricanes take a while before they settle, and this can be a problem for people running on a tight schedule. If there’s a hurricane warning overlapping with your schedule, make sure you hire a moving agency which offers storage facilities like the movers Moving company Edmonton. This will give you the freedom to work at your new home without the fear of your stuff getting ruined during transit.

Although professional moving agencies are capable of working under adverse conditions, we’d still suggest you wait out the rough weather. Their extra efforts need to be compensated equally, and this might not be a pocket-friendly thing to choose. No matter what decision you make, we wish you happy moving!


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