It is more common than you think. People hide door keys in obvious places. That makes it easy for family members to find the key. It also makes it easy for the burglar. You cannot avoid keeping your door key in a place your family members can access. However, there are places where you should never hide the keys. Learn about these places to avoid.

1. In the flowerpot

In the flowerpot

You have nice flowerpots flanking your doorway. What better place to hide your key you think. Wrong. If your family members know that the key is probably under the flowerpot or in it so does the burglar. This method is so well known that it is best avoided. If you have plenty of flowerpots the burglar may damage plants and flowerpots in his effort to find the key.

2. Under the doormat

Under the doormat

This is another quite obvious place to hide the door key. It is also the first place a burglar may check. You could just as well leave the key in the door lock. Think of safety first and then convenience. Instead, put in some effort and find another suitable place like a rain gutter. The burglar may not check the rain gutter because it takes time.

3. Fake rocks and sprinkler heads

Fake rocks and sprinkler heads

Eureka you think. Fake rocks and fake sprinkler heads are where burglars will not look. You are wrong again. Burglars are inventive and intelligence and will know at a glance the likely places where a key is likely to be hidden. Fake rock is one place they will check. Fake sprinkler heads are just as likely to be checked out. It is better to leave your door keys with your neighbor. It is still better to get a spare key made for each family member so the matter of hiding a key does not arise at all.

4. Wallet


The wallet is secure so long as it is in your pocket. Lose your wallet and you lose your cards, driving Licence and keys. If a burglar finds your wallet he has your address and the key too. You are making it too easy for him.

5. Above door jambs

Above door jambs

This is easy. Anyone can find the key provided they look. Burglars will look above door jambs and they will check the frame. They know how stupid people can be. Do not belong to the stupid crowd. Engage locksmith to install a fingerprint or biometric access system and record fingerprints of all family members so you do not have to even worry about losing keys because there simply isn’t one to lose.

6. In a tree nook

Door tree

You have a tree at the front or at back and a convenient nook or hole inside which you can put the key. If you can think of it so can the burglar.

There is no reason to make life easy for the burglar. It is better to have a keyless lock.


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