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There is little speculation that mining is an incredibly dangerous profession. Each year hundreds to thousands of people are injured or worse, and this is all due to the nature of this business. There are many mining safety equipment that is created to decrease the number of accidents. However, there are still many injuries that occur and something that the industry is trying to stop.

Currently, there is much underground mining technology being created which will drastically improve the mining industry as well as decrease the number of injuries, and this is all because of A.I.

Here are six amazing underground mining technologies that will blow you away as well as improve the mining industry.

6 Cutting Edge Underground Mining Technology That Will Blow You Away

# 1 – Intelligent Schedule and Control

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Many of the entries on this list deal with A.I and in this particular entry the intelligent scheduling and control deals with the whole system for the mining process to begin.

# 2 – Intelligent Navigational System

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Much like a GPS, the mining navigational system will make the drill machines excavate, and mine is specific areas which will make the whole mining process flow much more manageable.

# 3 – Intelligent Rock Drilling Jumbo

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A significant injury that is quite common occurs with the drilling process. With the A.I rock drilling the number of injuries and death will drastically decrease.

# 4 – Intelligent Mining Truck

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A.I driving is not too farfetched an idea as there are already self-driving cars that are here and still be developed at the moment. The amount of A.I in our everyday life has already been creeping in for years and a self-driven truck is not too out of the realm of believability.

# 5 – Intelligent Charging Truck

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Much like our previous entry a self-driven truck is not too far out there and the charging truck which will power the rest of the A.I machinery is also a huge added benefit for the whole mining process.

# 6 – Intelligent Scraper

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Lastly, the intelligent scraper is also a number one priority for the whole mining process.

The A.I Is Taking Over

There is much to impress with, and there is a lot more to worry about. Not worry so much in the sense of the A.I will take over. But worry in the sense of how many people may lose their jobs due to A.I.

As beneficial as it will be to have an A.I mining system set up because it will drastically decrease the number of people getting injured, one has to wonder how many people will be out of a profession.

Mining is a very profitable industry, but with the dangers that surround this profession, it would be a better idea to have an A.I system that can accurately mine and has the strength and precision to do the job 100 percent effectively.

With technology ever improving it is not outside the realm of believability to witness in the near future machinery taking many jobs.


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