Sometimes, business owners build a website for their business, promote it on social media and generate a lot of click backs. However, this data does not reflect in their business bottom line. The purpose of any business is to, among many other things, close sales and make money. When your marketing does not translate to money in your bank, then you have a problem on your hands. You need to figure out how to boost your e-commerce conversion rates. Increases conversion rates don’t just happen. They are a result of a deliberate and optimized marketing strategy. Here are tips on how to improve conversion rates.

1.     Use High-Quality Product Images

Use High-Quality Product Images
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For you to do this, you need to step into the shoes of your target audience. Think about what you would prefer to see when shopping. It is not possible to touch a product or try it on when shopping online. Therefore, the closest your clients come to your products before purchase is how it is represented on your website. Ensure your images are as detailed as possible and that the client understands exactly what to expect. Use the best image capturing tools at your disposal to get a high-quality image.

2.     Ship For Free

Ship For Free
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While most businesses don’t understand this factor, free shipping is actually a very big deal to online shoppers. Offering free shipping services makes your clients feel that they are getting a discount from your business. Free shipping is simply a psychological game where you can slightly increase the price of your product while pricing to cover the shipping cost.

3.     Giving Away Coupon Codes

Giving Away Coupon Codes
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You can create coupon codes that are usable on checkout by clients. This code can give them a specific amount off of the cost of their shopping. People like getting free things and one way to boost your conversion rates to offer discounts through coupon codes. These codes make it possible for you to track your conversion rate as it becomes easier to know how many clients bought your products using the coupon codes.

4.     Adjusting Your Product Prices

Adjusting Your Product Prices
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This is especially important if you are selling brand products available in other stores. By slightly adjusting your rates, you will attract more people to your business which translates to higher rates of conversion. You need to have a price that will give clients a reason to come to you for the price difference. Ensure you adjust the rates frequently to find the best price. Even so, remember that your marketing strategy and brand image dictates how much someone will be willing to spend on products in your business.

5.     Adjust and Test Your Site’s Checkout Process

Adjust and Test Your Site’s Checkout Process
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If you want to learn how to improve conversion rates for your business, you first need to understand your client’s experience while shopping on your site. The checkout is one of the common areas where abandonment rates are high. Ensure that your site’s checkout point is as easy to use as possible. Most people who get to the checkout point simply want to pay and leave the site. Therefore, ensure you make the process as seamless as possible. You can visit SEO Toronto for tips on how to optimize your checkout process.


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