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Good Reasons to Move to Windows 8

Perhaps you aren’t the type of computer user that feels the dire need to upgrade to the newest software version possible just because everyone else is doing it. Maybe you are an independent type person who likes to stick with the version you have. Windows 7 does have some amazing features with it, but it may just be time for you to experiment with a newer version like 8. If you like that, then you may want to get Windows 10 after a while. Many reasons exist as to why buy Windows 8 is a good it for you. You could always try it and fall back to 7 if you truly don’t like it. The following are a few good reasons to move to 8 if you are still on 7:

The Tiles Grow on You

One of the biggest issues that people had when Windows 8 came out was that they didn’t appreciate the tiles and how they were set up. The tiles will actually grow on you, and you will begin to see how neat they are because they will make your desktop more organized than ever. You can change their size, move them around and turn them off if they distract you.

Quick Booting

Due to the amazing advances that the manufacturers performed on the software, your Windows 8 machine will boot up about 20 seconds faster than your Windows 7 machine will. You don’t have time to play when you’re conducting business, so you’ll want to boot up fast.

High Security

Windows 8’s security is more sophisticated than 7‘s security is. For example, your boot code will only allow software to load up if it has authorized signatures. That’s a good thing because it will prevent you from having breaches.

Massive Space

The Windows 8 machines are starting to come out with much more space than the other models have. It’s nothing for an 8 user to have more than 500 GB of space to store data. The more space you have on your rig, the less you have to worry about being careful as you create things.

Detailed Task Manager

The Windows 8 task manager is much more advanced than the one on Windows 7 is. You will be able to see more details than you were able to see on previous models, and you will be able to diagnose and treat problems better than you would have on the 7 models.

Many reasons exist as to why Windows 8 is a good it for you. You could always try it and fall back to 7 if you truly don’t like it. However, many people who move to 8 realize that they waited way too long before they switched to it. You may be one of the people who changes your thinking and starts to love this version of the operating system.

Are You Ready To Upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10 comes with a lot of new interesting features that goes beyond including lots of security features or reinstating the Start menu. However, while the many new features are certainly good reasons to make you upgrade, there are also a plethora of reasons that can make you stick with your Windows 7 or 8.1. So should you buy Windows 10 or stick with an older version of Windows?

What You Stand To Enjoy


With the upsurge of hybrid laptop-tablet devices, this feature makes it seamless to switch between the two modes. Immediately you plug in or remove the keyboard or mouse, the system will sense and switch to a more convenient mode. When you remove the mouse or keyboard, for instance, the system will switch to a more touch-friendly mode and when the tablet is docked into the keyboard again, you will be promoted to exit the Tablet profile.

DirectX 12 support

Although gaming performance is more or less similar to previous versions, the DirectX 12 support implies that new games will perform better on existing software. Additionally, you will also be in a position stream games from Xbox directly to your PC, play them, and capture snapshots of your favorite game play session, which you can share with your friends.


This great voice assistant is able to power search in your new Windows version, help you find programs and files, suggest for you matching apps, and look up for you information from the web—at a go. Simply put, cortana is fun and valuable and could even be better in future as more apps and services are integrated with it.

What You Might Lose

Windows Media Center

If you value your Windows Media Center, it’s better to stick with your older versions of Windows unless you are ready to scout for alternative for the Media Center features.

XP Mode

If you are interested in keeping your old Windows XP program working, don’t bother upgrading to Windows 10. Alternatively you can upgrade to the Pro version and run your older Windows version virtually via Hyper-V. However, you are likely to encounter a lot of security problems.

OneDrive Changes

Although the changes to OneDrive are vital, if your folders aren’t synced to your PC, you may not be in a position to work with it the new version of window’s File Explorer.

Bottom Line

Any new version of Windows operating system has its pros and cons and Windows 10 is no exception. If you are considering to upgrade, therefore, do a background check on the new features that Windows 10 offers and figure out how useful they are to you as well as some of the features that you might lose so that you decide if an upgrade will be an advantage or will bring you problems.

Mobile Forms and Solutions

The aim of a form app is to improve how a company’s field employees and central Information Technology collect, share, and monitor data to boost business processes. This technological advancement works by eliminating your paper based forms and replacing them with mobile form solutions. Converting all of your company’s paperwork into mobile form apps that are easy to use allows you to do more with your data. Regardless of type, there is a mobile solution available for every business that will save you time and money.

Mobile forms involve four basic steps:

[1] Build: This is the very first step, and it involves designing and building mobile forms and solutions on a number of devices whether they are tablet, mobile, or desktop.

[2] Setup: The second step involves setting up users, jobs, and notifications. Apart from being out of the box, mobile forms are easy to set-up and do not require coding or development.

[3] Use: The third step involves downloading the application and logging in. Downloading the mobile app onto your tablet or mobile phone allows you to not only receive jobs and forms but also return completed data to your office.

[4] Review: The fourth step involves capturing, analyzing, and deploying your data. You can always design and build the reports to look the same as existing paper forms.

Key Features

Mobile forms include a few handy features that can help you to eliminate paper forms and kick-start both your workflow and mobile data.

Form builder: This particular feature allows you to create simple but comprehensive forms for application across desktop and mobile devices.

Form intelligence: This feature enables the creation of powerful skip logic functionality in mobile forms, which allows you to customize the capturing of data according to the needs of your customers.

Media and signature capture: You can use this feature to capture photos, videos, and signatures while out in the field, which is bound to improve both the external and internal communication channels of your company.

Notifications: This feature allows you to send notifications to end user clients or teams within your business once your jobs and forms are complete. The notifications include copies of completed forms, invoices, and confirmation emails.

Geolocation: This feature allows you to record the time and location of you employees when completing jobs and any other operational duty out in the field.

Job dispatch: By availing real-time job dispatch, this feature gives your operational teams more visibility on workflow.

Report building: This feature allows you to develop well-structured reports that you can present back to your clients in real-time.

Barcode/QR scan: By making it possible to scan barcodes and QR codes through your mobile forms, this feature helps you to streamline your workflow and save a lot of time.

The resources at ProntoForms are helpful and can provide you with more information about mobile forms and solutions. Watch the below YouTube video to learn more about their solutions and services.

How Call Centre Services Can Improve Your Business

The decision to use call centre services is not a matter to take lightly. Everything from how well your customers will be served through inbound call centres to the cost and even the ability of the answering service to grow with your company should be taken into account when making this decision. With many call centre services available, you also need to consider the benefits that one specific center offers over the other options to make a more informed decision about which one to move forward with. Whether you are on the fence about using an answering service or you are trying to decide which one to hire, consider these ways that the right service can improve your business.

Improve Your Level of Customer Service
Not all call centers are the same, and some offer considerably better customer service than others. Focus on factors like operator training provided on the job, employee incentives, a great working environment and other factors when making a decision about which call centre to hire. However, bear in mind that an answering service in general is designed to handle a considerable number of calls, and it likely can handle more volume than your bu. This means that your customers may have less hold time and may be less likely to get a busy signal when calling you. In this way, your business can benefit through improved customer service.

Extend Your Business Hours
Many business offices operate with standard business hours, but this can be inconvenient for your customers who may need to speak with a professional outside of those business hours. For example, many people work at their own jobs during normal business hours and are unable to make personal calls during this team. Extending your business hours with an answering service is a great way to better serve your customers’ needs.

Decrease Overhead
You may think that outsourcing your call centre needs to a third party provider would tack on unnecessary overhead, but you actually can save a tremendous amount of money by outsourcing. For example, you will not have to pay salaries and benefits to employees. You also will need less office space, supplies and more. When all of these factors are taken into account, you can see that your business can save a small fortune through an answering service.

While you may enjoy each of these benefits to some decrease through all answering services, keep in mind that all services are not equal. By taking time to review the different options, you can find the solution that is more cost effective and beneficial for your needs. Your decision can ultimately improve your business in many substantial ways. You can always learn more at the Extend Communications blog.

Canada Enters a New Era of Data Centers and Remote Tech Support

By the end of this decade, most Canadian business owners whose companies are not bound by compliance to operate their own office network will have switched to remote IT Support Toronto and managed IT consulting services. The rationale for this business shift can be seen in the Montreal region, where the data center market is beginning to mature.

Increased competition in the cloud services market is transforming Montreal into the data center capital of Canada. Business owners are demanding greater quality of IT support solutions; they are no longer wiling to put up with data centers with downtime periods adding up to a few days per year. When company owners in Canada decide to put their entire data infrastructure in the cloud, the want to get the best IT consulting services.

The Future of Enterprise Cloud Computing

Canada has lagged behind the United States in terms of cloud services adoption. Until about 2010, many companies were still using the legacy client/server model of business computing, which requires keeping IT support staff onsite and on payroll. Once American data centers started offering cloud services to Canadian clients, local entrepreneurs took notice.

Enterprise cloud services are the ideal solution for modern Canadian business owners who don’t want to use up too much capital on hardware or on hiring IT staff. Modern workplace trends such as “bring your own device” negate the need for office networks, and disaster recovery planning calls for keeping backups in reliable offsite locations. The better option is clearly to use cloud platforms.

Why Montreal?

Corporate data centers are quickly disappearing across all provinces; the new trend is to look for managed services, server co-location or moving all data assets to the cloud. To this effect, Canadian companies no longer have to seek American solutions; affordable electricity rates in Montreal have sparked a Golden Age of data centers.

Electrical utility companies such as Hydro Quebec offer rates as low as 5.2 cents per kilowatt hour. Toronto’s rates are closer to 10 cents per kilowatt hour. The new data centers being built in Montreal are carrier-neutral, which means that clients can leverage their internet access subscriptions through Shaw, Rogers, Videotron, and others.

Aside from affordable electricity, business leaders in Montreal have created a friendly regulatory environment for data centers to set up shop. Government contractors who are required to keep electronic records within Canada are happy to learn that Montreal is attracting data center operators. The information and resources at D-Tech Consulting can provide you with additional insights.

The Different Categories of Security Testing Services

Hiring the services of a security consulting firm to perform security penetration testing can go a long way in protecting your organization from security vulnerabilities. However, it can be very frustrating and confusing if the consulting firm you decide to partner with does meet your organization’s security requirements. Understanding the types of security testing services that the consulting firm provides as well as how they operate can make all the difference between a costly mistake and a well managed process in security risk management. Without much ado, the following are some of the common penetration tests to expect from various security consulting firms in Canada.

Black-Box Testing

Black-box testing involves using an attacker who is well versed with the network technology that your organization is using. While a good number of security consulting firms are still using this method of testing, the model isn’t as common as it was a few years back because attackers are currently sophisticated enough and will be probably well updated with the technology that your organization is using in advance.

White-box testing

Unlike black-box testing, white-box testing involves information sharing and close communication between the security testing service firm and your technology group. The security consulting firm is supplied with legitimate user accounts, user guides, URLs, documentations and other resources. Generally, this model of testing often provides the most comprehensive results and is presently employed by many organizations in Canada.

Gray-box testing

As its name suggests, grey-box testing is basically a mix of the white-box and black-box testing models. With this testing method, your organization is expected to share just a little information about your networks as opposed to handing over everything. These may include access to your organization’s intranet site and other superficial information.

Bottom Line

When it comes to the right security consulting company to partner with, your choice should be shaped by factors beyond the types of testing models they use. You need to consider if they have the right talent for the job, the scope of their tests, their background, their reputation in the industry, and their goals and objectives.

Of course the above parameters are not exhaustive by any means, but are great elements to keep in mind when you are scouting for a company to help your organization with system integration testing or any other security testing service. One last but very important suggestion: trust your gut. Because you are going to expose your security details to a third party, there is no room for mistakes. If, in the process of hiring a firm, you detect anything fishy about the integrity or capability of the security consulting firm, simply walk away. For more information, you may appreciate the resources available at QA Consultants.

How To Increase Adsense earnings Of Your Website

How To Increase Adsense earnings Of Your Website: AdSense is the primary source of income for a number bloggers around the world. It is one of the best techniques to earn huge amount of money with minimal efforts. Today, a large number of people are writing blogs to generate healthy amount of income on a regular basis. It’s a good means of earning, but requires a lot more than the ability to write good content. In order to avail profitable results from your blog or website, you have to apply some basic techniques, and keep some basic things in your mind. So, if you’re looking to Increase Adsense earnings of your blog or website, have a look on these tips.


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How To Increase Adsense Earnings Of Your Website

1. Placement of Ads

In order to boost AdSense income from a blog or website, keep Ads at the right place. A well placed ad will get more clicks and will definitely play a big part in boosting your earnings. So, when you’re optimizing your website or blog, place Ads at appropriate places. Placing Ads below title and of the post, and beside menu bar will play a big part in availing profitable results with less trouble.

2. Page Speed/Loading time is essential

Along with placement of Ads, loading time also plays a big part in boosting earnings through Adsense. If your blog is slow, or takes a lot of time to load, then a visitor may lose interest in your post, and may switch to some other website or blog. However, if he gets quick access to your blog or website, there are more chances that he clicks on one or two Ads. So, if you want to boost your earnings, make sure that your blog features a good loading time.

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3. Traffic is the key

In order to generate more income from a blog or website, try to get more and more visitors for your content. If more people are visiting your website, and you’re able to build more traffic in less time, then your earnings will automatically increase. Higher amount of traffic is the key to success while earning through AdSense.

4. Select appropriate keywords

In order to generate more traffic on a blog or website, pick an appropriate focus keyword. Without using an efficient focus keyword, you cannot generate optimum results through AdSense. Google Ads are based on keywords, and some keywords give higher CPC than others. So, if you’re looking to earn more from AdSense, make use of targeted keywords.

5. Use maximum Ad units

Use of maximum Ad units also plays a big part in boosting the earning process. While using Google AdSense, you can use 3 Banner Ads, and 2 text link Ads. So, it’s highly recommended that you use maximum number of Ads to generate more income.

6: Best Ad sizes to increase adsense earnings

  • 336×280 large rectangle:  Below Post Title and between posts
  • 300×250 medium rectangle: Below post title
  • 728×90 leaderboard: Standard Banner Ad
  • 200×90 Link Ads: Between posts and Sidebar


These were some of the best ways to increase AdSense earnings of a blog or website. If you’re looking to earn more money through blogging, just focus on these techniques and maintain the quality of your content. Good content and effective SEO will definitely boost your earnings progressively.Always follow “Google Adsense Policies” to avoid loosing your account.Stay tuned to All TechyTricks.

www.Gmail.com Login GMail Sign up Sign in -Create Gmail Account Free

www.Gmail.com Sign in. GMail.com Login Sign up -Create Gmail Account Free: Gmail is the most popular Webmail service which was introduced by Google.It was launched on April 1st 2004 but was made available to public in 2007.I doubt if there is any mail service better than Gmail.com.Hands down, the best and most used mail service in the world with more than 500 million users as of 2015.The main motive of Gmail is to connect people through their free mailing service.www.Gmail.com allows both Personal and Professional mailing service to all its users.With the easiest User Interface (UI), Gamil.com saw its usage increase among masses round the globe.Since its release GMail has rapidly grown and outclassed many of its competitors like www.hotmail.com and Ymail.Com.


Gmail.com Login | www.gmail.com SignUp | Create account free

One of the greatest inventions of 21st Century that revolutionized today’s world, www.Gmail.com  began with a small idea by Rajan Sheth during a Google Interview. Later on, the idea was materialized and further, Paul Buchheit has developed Gamil.com, what we are using it today.

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What is Gmail.com ? Google Email Service

Gmail.com is a commercial Webmail service which was introduced to send and receive mails from any place at any time.In brief Gmail is a free, advertising-supported email service provided by Google. ww.gmail.com is currently being tested at Google that provides users with a gigabyte of storage for messages.Along with the mails, you can send images, videos, attachments, files and etc within a total capacity of 1 GB when it was launched.Gmail has also launched Inbox app recently which is an added service for Android and iOS devices. www.gmail.com

www.Gmail.com Specifications – Gmail.com Login

  • Web address : mail.google.com
  • Type : Commercial
  • Type of Site : Webmail service
  • Registration : Required
  • Total Languages : 72 languages
  • Total Users : 500 million (June 2015)
  • Language : Java and JavaScript
  • Idea : Rajan Sheth
  • Creator : Paul Buchheit
  • Launched On : 1st April, 2004
  • Owner : Google

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Features of Gmail – Gmail.com Login

  • Send Emails: Registered users can send mails to anyone for free in no time.
  • Multiple Platforms: Gmail application is launched for different operating systems like Windows desktop, Mac, IOS, Android and Blackberry.
  • Free Cloud: Gmail provides you with free cloud storage of 15 Gigabytes .You can later upgrade to premium plans.
  • Gmail.com App: It became the first app to hit 1 Billion installations on Android Devices.
  • Talk with Hangouts: Talk with your friends or any officials using Google Hangouts
  • Customized Themes: You have a bunch of customized themes which are pretty good and you can use any of them.

Procedure: www Gmail.com Login Sign up – Create Account

  • Firstly to create a Gmail account, just go to mail.google.com or search for “Gmail” in Google.
  • You will directed to the official Gmail.com Login Page.


  • Click on “Create an Account” to register for New Gmail Account.
  • Now you will have a signup page with the the essentials to be filled.


  • Personal details like your name, username, password, date of birth, gender etc must be filled.
  • After filling your details, You will be asked to go through the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies.
  • Click on the Check Box and follow it by clicking on “Next Step“.
  • When you click on Next you will be taken your own Gmail Profile Page.
  • Upload your Profile Photo or any Image you wish to have as profile pic. (You can also skip this step).
  • Now you have successfully created your own Gmail account.

How to Login into Your Gmail Account ? Gmail.com Login

After creating an account at Gmail you can follow this simple guide to Login into your Gmail account.Login to your Gmail account with your ID and Password.

  • Go to Gmail.com login webpage or else just click on link “https://mail.google.com“.
  • Now enter your Gmail ID and your Password.
  • Finally click on the “Sign-In” button and to login into your Gmail account easily
  • So now you have created Gmail account and successfully logged in.  Happy mailing!

In this way you can create a cool and new gmail account for free and also login with Gmail ID and Password easily.Hope you found the procedure to create a new www.gmail.com account useful and interesting.Please comment and share your views about this article or any problem related to www gmail.com Login.

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Wimbledon 2015 Live Streaming Tennis Scores Results free

Wimbledon 2015 Live Streaming Tennis Channel Scores Watch Online free.Wimbledon live streaming 2015, Wimbledon Live stream free.Wimbledon 2015 Live Stream (streaming TV). Wimbledon 2015 live is all set to kick start on June 29th.It is going to be a carnival for all tennis fans across the globe for 2 weeks.Wimbledon 2015 schedule with dates and Venues have been finalized.Wimbledon 2015 live news will be available on Official Site Of Wimbledon Tennis 2015.The 2015 Wimbledon tennis championship is going to take place at All England Lawn Tennis; Croquet Club in Wimbledon, London, United Kingdom.I will also be adding Wimbledon 2015 Live Streaming Tennis links where you can watch online live.Enjoy HD Wimbledon 2015 Live Stream.Wimbledon 2015 live women’s.

Wimbledon 2015 Tennis Live Preview

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Update: We have Provided Wimbledon 2015 Live Streaming Links to watch Wimbledon 2015 live Online; Scroll down.

Wimbledon 2015 Tennis Venue and Timings

The Wimbledon 2015 championships is an event being organised and run by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and is part of the 2015 ATP World Tour and the 2015 WTA Tour calendars under the Grand Slam category. The tournament will consist of both men’s and women’s singles as well as a mixed doubles event.The Wimbledon will be played on Flushing Meadows of All England Tennis Club grass courts and will have a series of 19 courts, including the four main show courts, Centre Court No. 1; Court No. 2;  Court No. 3.

Wimbledon 2015 qualifiers begin on 22nd June 2015.
Date: 29th June – July 12th.
Court: Grass.
Venue: All England Tennis Club [ London]
Timings: 5: 30 PM IST.
Tier: Grand Slams.
Prize Money: Singles: £1,880,000;  Doubles: £325,000
Chairman: Philip Brook.

Radio Wimbledon:  Live @ Wimbledon.

Wimbledon 2015 Winners  and Results List 

  • Women’s Final Result: S. Williams  defeats  G. Muguruza  6-4 | 6-4
  • Men’s Doubles Final Result:  J. Rojer / H. Tecau  defeat J. Murray / J. Peers  7-6 |  6-4 | 6-4
  • Women’s Doubles Final Result: S.Mirza / M. Hingis  defeat  E. Makarova / E. Vesnina  5-7 | 7-6 | 7-5
  • Mixed Doubles Final Result:  L. Paes / M. Hingis defeat  Peya / Babos  6-1 | 6-1
  • Men’s Singles Final Result:  N. Djovokic  defeats  R. Federer   7-6 | 6-7 | 6- 4 | 6-3


Wimbledon 2015 live Schedule – Tennis world cup

Date Competition Courts & Matches
Mon 29 June Men’s and Ladies’ Singles 1st Round CC, C1, C2, Outside CourtsMen’s Champion opens play on Center Court
Tues 30 June Men’s and Ladies’ Singles 1st Round CC, C1, C2, Outside Courts
Wed 1 July Men’s and Ladies’ Singles 2nd Round CC, C1, C2, Outside Courts
Thur 2 July Men’s and Ladies’ Singles 2nd Round CC, C1, C2, Outside Courts
Fri 3 July Men’s and Ladies’ Singles 3rd Round CC, C1, C2, Outside Courts
Sat 4 July Men’s and Ladies’ Singles 3rd Round CC, C1, C2, Outside Courts
Sun 5 July No play
Mon 6 July Men’s and Ladies’ Singles 4th Round CC, C1, C2, Outside Courts
Tues 7 July Ladies’ Singles Quarter-Finals Center Court & No.1 Court
Wed 8th July Men’s Singles Quarter-Finals Center Court & No.1 Court
Thur 9th July Women’s Singles Semi-Finals Center Court  No.1
Fri 10th July Men’s Singles Semi-Finals Center Court: No. 1
Sat 11 July Ladies’ Singles FinalMen’s Doubles FinalLadies’ Doubles Final
Sun 12th July Men’s Singles Final Mixed Doubles Final


  • Download Wimbledon 2015 Draws and Fixtures PDF free:  “Click Here“

Wimbledon 2015 Live TV Broadcasting Channels Updated

Broadcasters are approached on a country-by-country basis with agreements designed to satisfy both cable and satellite, and terrestrial broadcasters.Wimbledon live TV Channel.

Host broadcaster – the BBC

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Broadcaster Territory/Country


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Watch Wimbledon 2015 Live Streaming Tennis (links)

Link 1: http://www.stream2utv.eu/watch/27101/1/Live-ESPN.html .
Link 2: http://www.sportcategory.com/c-4.html.
Link 3: http://www.stream2utv.eu/watch/27101/2/Live-ESPN.html.
Link 4: Download “Livestream App” for Android.
Link 5:  http://streams.tv/channel/1948-filmon-tennis/tennis.

Wimbledon Live Streaming, Wimbledon 2015 Live Stream,Wimbledon Tennis Live, Wimbledon 2015 Live, Wimbledon 2015 Live Streaming, Wimbledon Tennis Live Streaming. Tennis live streaming.

Top 10 seeded Wimbledon 2015 Players Live

  1. Novak Djokovic (SRB).
  2. Roger Federer (SUI).
  3. Andy Murray (GBR).
  4.  Stan Wawrinka (SUI).
  5. Kei Nishikori (JPN).
  6.  Tomas Berdych (CZE).
  7. Milos Raonic (CAN).
  8. David Ferrer (ESP).
  9.  Marin Cilic (CRO).
  10. Rafael Nadal (ESP).

Wimbledon 2015 Ticket Cost & Preview: All England Tennis Club Seats

Wimbledon 2015 Ticket Costs are as follows £700.00 GBP for round 1 , £1,100.00 GBP for round 3 £1,180.00 GBP for Quarter Final and £3,500.00 GBP for Finals.Each year, Wimbledon attracts a worldwide audience of hundreds of millions but only a tiny percentage are privileged enough to sample the magic and excitement of the most prestigious grand slam tennis championships first-hand as Wimbledon tickets for the event are extremely popular and sell out quickly.Since 1954, money raised from returned tickets has been donated to charity. Total net income 2014 was £157,581.Play is scheduled to begin at 1 pm on Centre Court on days 1-11, and at 2pm on the final Saturday and Sunday. On No.1 Court, play is scheduled to begin at 1 pm on all 13 days.

There are FOUR ways to obtain tickets for The Championships 2015:

–> The Ballot.

–> The Queue.

–> Ticketmaster.

–> Official hospitality packages available from Keith Prowse and Sportsworld.

PLEASE NOTE: Other than Ticketmaster, The AELTC does not have any authorised ticket-only agents who sell tickets on the internet.

Less than a week away, the tennis season’s second Grand Slam tournament will be as up for grabs as it’s been in recent memory.As the Top seeded players battle it out at the Flushing Meadows of All England Tennis Club for the most prestigious Wimbledon Championship 2015.

Enjoy breathtaking and Most anticipated tennis tournament at Wimbledon 2015 Live streaming.Watch Wimbledon 2015 Live streaming online.Wimbledon Live Stream.Hope you liked the article on Wimbledon 2015 Live Streaming.Please comment your views and share this article on social sites.Stay tuned for more.

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Trace Mobile Number With [Exact Name & Location]-How To

Trace Mobile Number: Are you feeling annoyed and also tired of fake calls? Want to find out the culprit? Check out How to trace mobile number with exact name and location.Prank calls are common and test your patience,sometimes this also leads to mishaps and you will be in the firing zone.Prank or Fake calls may be from telephone agencies,Lucky draw coupon results and even from unknown sources,who tell all kinds of stuff like you have won a million :P.But then, with the latest technology these calls can be traced.That is you can actually trace mobile number,find who called you with also his service provider,Location (address) and other whereabouts.Here are the best possible methods to trace mobile number that will work wonders for you.

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How To Trace Mobile Number With Exact Name & Location

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1: Trace Mobile Number Using Websites

There are lot of websites available that help you trace mobile number directly and also give info about fake caller.Just visit the sites I have provided below and you need to fill in some basic info like Name,Mail-Id and other details.You must enter the mobile number and find the culprit and prankster.Also fill in the correct STD code and check the results of fake calls.These websites are extremely handy in figuring out the location and name.Check out top 5 websites that help you trace mobile number.



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  • www.truecaller.com
  • http://trace.bharatiyamobile.com/
  • http://www.indiatrace.com/trace-mobile-number-location/trace-mobile-number.ph
  • http://www.mobilenumbertracker.com/

2: Trace Mobile Number Using Mobile Apps

Smartphones can turn out to be one of the best tools to figure out prank calls and trace mobile number.You can diretly download the best possible tracing apps from Google Playstore.Even IOS has few apps available in Apple store which you can download and moreover you can use iCloud and track your mobile number.Check out: how to track lost iPhone or iPad.Whenever you get a fake call or prank call you can use the apps mentioned below ..

Truecaller – Caller ID & Block    :          Allows tracking and blocks fake calls

Mobile Number & Phone Location   :  Helps in knowing Exact location of person calling

ZoeMob Family Tracker   :                    Extremely easy and handy fake call tracing app

Phone and Cell Tracker India  :      This App Traces all Indian Numbers 

 3: Trace Mobile Number Using SMS 

Don’t have Internet or any kind of Smart phones? No regrets at all,you can trace and track the mobile number which you desire using SMS based applications.One of the simplest methods to trace mobile number,Just send sms to specific number and in particular format as shown below.All the tracking details will be messaged back to you.Follow the 2 methods as shown below:

Send “@iTrueCaller <mobile number you want to trace>” without the quote and the brackets to 9266592665

Send “#TrueCaller <mobile number you want to trace>” without the quote and brackets to 5544.


Note: SMS charges for this services varies from Operator to Operator and may range from 2 to 7 INR

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4: Alternate Methods: Using  Wikipedia And Google 

After using the Above 3 Methods and still you can’t find the actually details of the mobile number.I recommend you to use this method after trying out all above methods and use it only if above methods are unsuccessful.




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Wikipedia: Use Wikipedia to get details regarding series of mobile codes ,zones and more. You can check out articles like List of mobile phone number series by country and Mobile telephone numbering in India.

Google: Enter the mobile number you want to trace in Google search engine and try to know maximum details regarding  mobile number.Google search engine traces details which may be available in their Google Plus,Websites,Facebook etc.

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These are the four methods I felt will help you Trace mobile Number and also track fake calls or pranks.Hope you found the article interesting and useful too.Please share express your views regarding this article and You can also share any other techniques to trace mobile number.